The IES Managed Services Platform is a powerful suite of software including tools, rules, models, analytics and applications which operate continuously and automatically in the cloud. The platform gathers data from assets, weather, markets and other sources continuously and up to 5000 times per site per hour. This data is analyzed and acted on immediately, in real time, and recommendations or actions are sent immediately to effectuate the changes needed to optimize each situation.

The IES Platform is unique in many respects, including:

  • A Real Time Analytics And Action Platform
    • Change of value data is captured up to 5000 times per hour per building and then continuously analyzed and optimized
    • Real time actions can be taken in response to demand side and grid conditions
    • Cloud-based to provide rapid and low cost scalability, strong security and virtually unlimited capacity
  • An Open Source Integration Platform
    • Capable of working with virtually any communications protocol: Wi-Fi, digital mesh, cellular, internet
    • Can leverage existing investments such as load control devices and smart meters already deployed
    • Fully compliant with all current standards, and with best practices when standards are not yet finalized
  • A Single Investment That Can Deliver The Full Suite Of Outcomes
    • Demand management- capacity management, demand response
    • Consumer empowerment/energy efficiency
    • Accurate measurement and verification
    • Grid optimization

IES does not manufacture equipment, and our solutions are designed to be technology-agnostic. However, it is necessary to have a broadband gateway and appropriate load controllers and sensors in each premise to provide the data for the cloud platform. Here is what a typical home would have to work effectively with the IES Platform:

Broadband GATEWAY

Purpose: connects the gateway and the devices behind it with the IROM Cloud, allowing rapid acquisition of data from the devices, up to 5000 times per hour, and control of those assets by the IROM platform in the Cloud on a real time basis.

Programmable Communicating Thermostat (PCT)

Purpose: captures detailed HVAC system data and sends it to the Gateway, usually wirelessly, for transmission to the IROM cloud, where it is analyzed real time. Receives control information via the Gateway and changes the settings in the HVAC system real time to optimize its operation and energy usage.


Purpose: captures data from controllable assets, including water heaters and pumps, and sends it, usually wirelessly, to the Gateway for transmission to the IROM cloud, where it is analyzed real time. Receives control information via the gateway and changes the settings in the devices to optimize their operation and energy usage.


Purpose: captures data from assets, such as refrigerators, and sends it, usually wirelessly, to the Gateway for transmission to the IROM cloud. The IROM platform analyzes this data real time, and provides feedback including operating performance and recommendations via the Customer and Consumer Portals.

IES Portals

A key element of the IES Platform is the means for Consumers (end users) and Customers (utilities, CCA, property managers, portfolio managers and retail energy providers) to be able to see, on a real time basis, what is happening in their sites and across the whose system. This is done with a family of attractive and easy-to-use Portals, some examples of which are shown below. In addition to displaying and communicating the information, several of the functions, such as HVAC and water heater control, can be accomplished via these Portals. Most Consumers find it more convenient and simpler to make changes this way. These Portals can be accessed via most computers, and also via most smartphones, which makes it convenient to access the systems when away from home.